TDS Filing

TDS Filing

Any individual who is obligated to withhold tax at source must file a TDS Return.  A TDS Return is a quarterly report that must be provided to the Indian Income Tax Department. If you are a deductor, you must submit your TDS Return. It should include all information regarding TDS that you withheld and paid for a specific quarter.

To file a TDS Return, you must first obtain a valid TAN (tax deduction account number). You must determine which payments you must deduct TDS from. Generally speaking, liable payments include all forms of payments, including salaries, interest, professional fees, payments to contractors, rent for machinery, rent for buildings, and so forth. There are prescribed rates for every type of TDS payment under the income tax act 1961.

We provide the following assistance in this regard:

    • Obtaining Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN).
    • Advisory on your liability to deduct taxes on a particular transaction;
    • Calculation of quantum of taxes to be deducted in a particular transaction;
    • Assistance in Payment of taxes online;
    • Filing of TDS Returns.
    • Issuing of TDS Certificates in Form 16/16A




Last Date of Filing

1st Quarter

1st April to 30th June

31st July

2nd Quarter

1st July to 30th September

31st October

3rd Quarter

1st October to 31st December

31st Jan

4th Quarter

1st January to 31st March

31st May

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