Indirect Taxation

In the past, India had multiple indirect taxes like VAT, Central Excise, Service Tax, CST etc. Some of these taxes were collected by the Central Government and others by State Governments. With different tax administrators for different tax levies, the interplay between these taxes assumed importance.We at Asire provide a wide variety of services such as:

● Advising on valuation, rate, classification and other aspects
● Assisting entities in audits and enquiries by tax department
● Assisting in drafting of replies and appeals & appearance before tax authorities
at adjudication and appellate levels including Tribunals and Higher Courts and Settlement Commissions

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is the most prevalent indirect tax across the globe. In 2017, India adopted GST which has replaced a plethora of indirect taxes.The reform aimed at ‘One Nation One Tax’. The new tax regime minimised cascading of taxes and allowed seamless flow of credit in the supply chain.We at Asire offer a wide variety of services in GST to businesses such as:

  • Assisting companies in transition and advising on GST implications for setting-up of new entities.
  • Assisting entities in undertaking anti-profiteering studies to determine amount and manner of passing commensurate benefit.
  • Undertaking due diligence, health check-ups and tax reviews for identifying missed opportunities and highlighting potential tax issues.
  • GST advisory on various issues such as classification, valuation, cross-charge, exports, job work, reverse charges etc.
  • Advising on contracts, bids, tenders at pre-bidding stage; drafting and negotiation of contractual clauses and negotiation with vendors.
  • Assisting in department audits and departmental enquiries.
  • Complete hand holding for drafting and appearance in tax disputes at adjudication and appellate levels including Tribunals and Higher Courts, and Settlement Commissions.
  • Obtaining Advance Ruling on various issues under GST.
  • Assisting entities in filing and pursuing refund claims for inverted duty structures and exports before competent authorities.
  • Undertaking compliances on Pan India basis such as obtaining registration, filing period returns, filing annual returns, reconciliation of input tax credit etc.
  • Undertaking GST audits on Pan India basis.
  • Undertaking training for various external and internal stakeholders of the entity.
  • Assisting in upgradation of IT systems to comply with desired tax objectives

Asire Consulting leads the way in providing comprehensive GST advisory services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses in India. Our team of tax experts and GST consultants specializes in offering expert guidance on GST registration, return filing, and compliance, ensuring that your organization navigates the complexities of Indian indirect tax laws with ease and efficiency. With our in-depth knowledge and proactive approach, we empower businesses to optimize their GST processes and minimize tax liabilities, positioning them for sustainable growth and success.

As one of the top CA firms in India, Asire Consulting is committed to delivering best-in-class tax consultancy services that exceed client expectations. Our dedicated team of tax consultants stays abreast of the latest developments in GST legislation and regulatory requirements, providing timely insights and strategic advice to help businesses stay compliant and competitive. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, our tailored GST advisory solutions are designed to address your unique tax challenges and drive tangible results.

Ready to streamline your GST processes and unlock new opportunities for growth? Partner with Asire Consulting for expert tax consultancy services that deliver real value for your business. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how our team of GST experts can help you navigate the complexities of Indian indirect tax laws with confidence and ease. With Asire Consulting as your trusted advisor, you can rest assured that your tax needs are in capable hands.

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