Input Tax Credit

Input Tax Credit

The input tax credit is the tax paid by a business on the purchase and this tax is used to reduce the tax liability when a sale is made.

What are the conditions under which Input tax credit can be claimed?

The following requisites are mandatory for claiming the input tax credit under the GST:

    • The Individual must be registered under the GST law.
    • A tax invoice or the debit note that is issued by the registered supplier showing the tax amount.
    • The goods or the service should be received.
    • The supplier should file the returns and pay the tax there on to the government.
    • Where the goods are received in parts or installments, the input tax credit may be claimed on the receipt of the last lot or the installment.
    • Where the input tax credit is included in the cost of the capital goods and the depreciation on the tax is claimed, no input tax credit is allowed.
    • The input tax credit will not be allowed if the same is not claimed within the prescribed time.

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